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Sanderson Asset Management LLP (Registered number: OC375320) (‘the LLP’) and Sanderson Partners Limited (Registered number: 04071755) (‘the Company’) were placed into Members’ Voluntary Liquidation on 16 May 2024. Stacey Brown and Malcolm Cohen of BDO LLP were appointed Joint Liquidators by the respective members on 16 May 2024 to wind up the remaining affairs of the LLP and the Company. Please note that the LLP and the Company are no longer trading. The Joint Liquidators act as agents of both the LLP and the Company without personal liability. Any questions in relation to either of the liquidations can be directed to Pauline.Durrant@bdo.co.uk .

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Sanderson Asset Management LLP ("Sanderson") is a UK limited liability partnership ("LLP") incorporated under the laws of England and Wales (Company Number: 0C375320) with its registered address at Princes House, Suite 4C, 38 Jermyn Street ,St James's, London, SW1Y 6DN.

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