We are unique and
investment focused.

Sanderson Asset Management LLP is an independent investment management firm offering an international value equity programme to our clients which include foundations, endowments, corporations and family offices. We seek to provide our clients stability, superior performance and exceptional service, and we apply a long-term perspective to both our investment programme and the management of our business. Our independence allows us to maintain focus, and a strict adherence to our investment discipline prevents us from being distracted by short-term matters.

Our business model focuses on the investment programme, emphasizing a streamlined infrastructure that allows our investment professionals to work in an environment that is conducive to producing superior results on a consistent long-term basis. Employing a team approach, our proven investment process and business model are not dependent on specific individuals to be successful over time. To ensure the investment programme will not be compromised by its growth, we have defined and adhere to conservatively established capacity limits.