We are one team spanning
two continents.

Sanderson Asset Management

Investment Team  |  Operations and Finance  |  Marketing and Client Services

Investment Team London

Tim Sanderson
Chairman & Chief Investment Officer

Masaki Suganuma
Senior Portfolio Manager

Catherine Rainey
Portfolio Implementation Director

Christian Paaskesen, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager

Mark Lightfoot, CFA
Research Director

Zachary Fitter, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Alison Ford, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Hugh Sanderson
Investment Analyst

Rachel Offord, CFA
Investment Liaison

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Operations and Finance London

Paul Carter
Chief Operating Officer

James Longbottom
Chief Compliance Officer

Richard Saunders
Chief Financial Officer

Jalpa Dhokia

Sandra Wright
Senior Portfolio Administrator

Liesbeth Leemans
Senior Portfolio Administrator

Nasser Salah
Portfolio Administrator

Katherine Usher
Compliance Associate

Lizzie Lockhart
Executive Assistant

Samantha Mutimer
Office Assistant

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Marketing and Client Services Chicago

Holly Harralson
Marketing & Client Service Director

Tilotama Persaud
Marketing & Client Service Associate

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